Spinach Ricotta Roll – An Easy Elegant Dish from a Secret Recipe Club Challenge

Spinach Roll Square

Spinach Ricotta Roll

Some flavor combinations stand the test of time: garlic and onions; lemons and raspberry; peanut butter and chocolate. One of my favorite combos: spinach and ricotta. I was thrilled to find this easy and elegant way to pair spinach and ricotta in a dish that so pretty you could serve it to Martha Stewart for brunch: a savory take on a sponge cake roll.

We have joined the Secret Recipe Club – a once-a-month blog hop over at Amanda’s Cookin – an event with food bloggers supporting each other by sneakily making each others’ recipes. Don’t you just love the secret part?! And that’s how I came across this recipe.

Our assigned blog to cook from this month is cookingrookie.blogspot.com, a lovely blog from a blogger in Vancouver, Canada. We chose a vegetarian recipe with a stunning presentation: Spinach Ricotta Roll. It is low carb and I made it lower in fat than the original recipe by using low fat cream cheese and ricotta. I also added a few sprinkles of nutmeg into the spinach mixture to add some sassiness!

I used to make a pumpkin cream cheese cake roll, and the look of this dish reminds me of that dessert. So pretty on a platter – perfect for a  Meatless Monday feast!

This recipe was so fun to make! It is basically a savory sponge roll with a ricotta filling. The only thing that was a bit challenging was translating the recipe from grams into ounces, so I have added the ounces below.

Thank you, Cooking Rookie, for a fabulous new recipe ~ I’ll definitely make this again!

— posted by Donna

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Home-Made Ricotta in a Ricotta Salad Stack – A Beginner’s Adventure in Cheese Making for Fab Frugal Friday


Ricotta Salad Stack made with home made ricotta

Home made cheese? I never thought I would be so bold as to attempt this, but life has a way of changing us, sometimes allowing us to do the previously impossible. When you tell someone “I made my own cheese,” they will be astounded  – – – that is, until they find out how easy it really is. To make ricotta: 5 minutes max is all it takes.

I decided it was time in my progression as a cook to attempt a home made cheese. In all the recipes I reviewed, ricotta seemed the most do-able. A good step for beginning cheese makers. And, I am happy to report success! You don’t even need a thermometer – that’s how easy this is!

Here’s the entire “recipe:”

I was inspired by posts on two blogs – Recipe Girl and  Eggs On Sunday and followed them pretty closely. Bring 2 cups whole milk and 2 cups half-and-half to a boil with a pinch of salt and boil exactly 1 minute. Remove from heat and stir in 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Strain in a fine mesh strainer. That’s it. Really.

True, it is creamy and yummy and a little less than purchased ricotta. But. To be honest, the main satisfaction you will get is not savings or taste, but in feeling competent enough to make cheese.

To show off my newly acquired cheese-making talent, I just shaved some zucchini very thin, used some sliced garden tomatoes and basil leaves, a little s & p, and – Voila! – effortless, fresh and delicious first course – Heavy on the ricotta, of course!

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