Patriotic Rocket Pops: Fruited But Definitely Not Plain!

Patriotic Rocket Pops

I just got back from a visit to Colorado to spend a few days with family. Since I usually only get to visit over the winter holidays, I had forgotten just how hot it can get there: it was in the high 90’s and low 100’s the entire time. Now, it’s a dry heat, so I found it much more tolerable than it would have been if humidity were added to the mix, but still. 104 is still 104.

So I see delicious and gorgeous popsicle action popping up all over Pinterest and my Facebook feed. Check out this incredible cucumber honeydew margarita “poptail”, for just one example. I made it and can guarantee it is as gloriously refreshing as it looks.  But I also wanted to make one of my own, with fruit, no dairy, and and no refined sugar, so I could enjoy with abandon. A frozen smoothie, really. Since next week is (already!) the 4th, why not run with the theme? …

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No Churn Grapefruit Gelato Recipe

Grapfruit Gelato

No Churn, Easy and Five Minute Prep. THIS is the answer to that age-old dilemma – what to bring to a party that will surprise and delight.

You have a soiree to attend tomorrow. “What can I bring?” you ask. “Oh, just a little something for dessert,” they reply. You want to bring something homecrafted – some kind of ice cream would be great, but you don’t have an ice cream maker. What to do?

You spend a grand total of 5 minutes prepping this mock-gelato, that’s what. And then you’ll make it again and again and again. Really. Because it really is only 3 ingredients, it really does only take 5 to mix it up, you really don’t need an ice cream maker, and, best of all, it really does work.

I know it may sound a little weird, but trust us. We swear it will surprise you. Something about the way that the acid in the citrus reacts with the fat in the cream (and yes, you must use cream; we tried it with half & half and it just didn’t work texture-wise, though the flavor was still a total delight) creates a perfect dense, creamy texture that is so akin to gelato, though the technique is very different.

The original called for lemon, which is equally delicious, but there’s something about the subtle tang of the grapefruit here that Donna and I both were tickled by – so creamy & subtly tangy. It’s also incredibly rich. And it truly is amazing how well the texture comes out without churning! The whole thing is a revelation – and delight to your taste buds!


2 cups heavy cream or whipping cream
1 cup sugar
1 ruby red grapefruit, juiced and zested
1/2 tsp salt

You will need 1/4 cup of the grapefruit juice and as much of the zest as you like – we used 2 tablespoons. Whisk the juice and zest with the cream, sugar and salt, then pour it into a 9 by 9 inch square or round pan and freeze for at least 8 hours, ideally overnight.  That’s IT. Yes, really!

(Donna’s Note: This recipe is a result of kitchen synergy between Anne and I. The original recipe is from a friend, who asked me if I had ever heard of  “Five Minute Lemon Ice Cream.” I was thrilled and amazed after tasting it, and made it frequently. Then Anne and I were cooking together and she decided the grapefruit flavor would be a much more flavorful twist. To our delight,  it was even more amazing than lemon. Haven’t tried lime yet, hmmm . . . So, Patty – if you’re reading this – thank you!)

– posted by Anne

Fab Frugal Friday: Extra-Frugal Watermelon Lime Popsicles!

Don’t throw out those over-ripe watermelon slices! Watermelon popsicles are a cinch to make – and they’re almost FREE if you consider that you make them from watermelon you would have thrown out otherwise.

Just throw chunks of the too-ripe watermelon in a blender, seeds and all.  Also add a little lime juice and some lime zest, as much as you dare! Then turn your blender on full blast and wait for the popsicle magic to happen.

Strain the mixture through a kitchen strainer and add your sweetener of choice as desired. Freeze in popsicle molds or small paper cups.  Then, bask in your glorious frugal-ness and sit on your porch steps and slurp away!

Food Bloggers have been going nuts for the last few months with popsicles. Here’s just a sampling, with some amazing flavor combos:
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— posted by Donna

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Easy Crispy Raspberry Napoleons

One of the easiest and tastiest desserts you can make.

Easy Raspberry Napoleons

Easy Raspberry Napoleons

All the things I look for in food are in this recipe: 1) fabulous (ie, interesting, different, unique); 2) delicious; 3) quick; 4) easy; 5) frugal; 6) healthy and 7) flexible, because you can use any fresh sliced fruit or berries and it will turn out wonderful!

I made it even simpler by using flavored Greek yogurt, which has a delicious taste and creamy texture.

You can make this recipe even more frugally by using regular sugar in place of the turbinado sugar, but the wontons won’t be as crispy or look as pretty. You can also omit the sugar entirely if you want a low-sugar version.

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