Cooking from the Super Foods List for a Healthy New Year – Easy Recipes and Tips for Getting these 10 Nutritional Wonders into Your Life

This is the time of year when I am maxed out on candy, sugar and rich holiday foods. These days I am craving grapefruit, poached eggs and celery! My body is screaming out: “Feed Me Something Healthy!”

Luckily for us all, America’s doctors have put together their Top Ten Super Foods List and I am excited, because I love every single one of these foods! There are lots of “super foods” lists out there, and they are pretty similar. Long on green veggies. Short on meats and fats. Martha Stewart’s people could only narrow their list to 38 super foods. The foods that have made the doctors’ “List” are on there because they are healthy in multiple ways. I like that approach – nutritional multi-taskers. They are lower in calories and carbs than many foods, and they are nutritionally dense. They also are heart healthy and anti-oxidant rich (think “anti-cancer!”).

So, my fab frugal friends, here are some of our favorite tips for making these 10 nutritional wonder foods an easy and delicious part of a long and healthy life.



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