Easy Fresh Peach Tart Recipe

Easiest peach tart ever.

Peach Tart

Got Ten Minutes? You, too, can make this fabulous Peach Tart.

If there were a list of culinary miracles, frozen puff pastry would be on that list.

Just whip it out of your freezer and you become an instant pastry chef in the eyes of your devoted diners. And yes, I have made a quick version of puff pastry from scratch. It is something to cross off your culinary bucket list: Make Puff Pastry from Scratch. Check. But the store bought kind is even easier than this.

Puff pastry works wonders with just a few ingredients tossed on top – five, to be exact. And with just 10 minutes of prep time ((No, that’s not a typo!))

Here is the entire recipe: Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Cut one sheet of puff pastry in half. Slice two medium sized peaches into 1/4 inch thick slices. Spread slices overlapping on center of each piece of frozen puff pastry. Brush peach slices with a little honey that has been heated in the microwave. Optional: Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top. Bake for about 25 to 30 minutes, until pastry puff around edges and is browned.

Serving with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is not optional. You won’t be sorry.

— posted by Donna

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  1. Carol Hicks says

    Come back! Come back! You forgot to tell me about this when you were here this weekend. Better yet, you could have made it for me. It looks fantastic.

    • says

      THANKS so much ~ I MISS YOU GUYS ALREADY!!! I am considering quitting my job, cleaning out one of your storage sheda and living there. I’ll scrapbook in exchange for rent!!!


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