Time for some links!

Thought it was high time we threw out some props to some other blogs devoted to loving life on a budget.

First, for something completely different, check out The Budget Babe. This is all about fashion and beauty on the  cheap, without sacrificing the chic. You’ll also find some handy coupon codes as well as straight-up fashion advice.

Next up we have Frugal for Life: frugal living applied to every area of life you can think of – and probably a few you didn’t! Their grocery tips are great, but you can also learn how to make your own laundry detergent, find links to coupon sites, get tips on getting the most out of yard sales and flea markets, and even peruse some helpful money management pages.

Finally, back to what we do best: another budget food blog! Check out Cheap Cooking’s blog, Chronicles of a Curious Cook. Some really tasty-looking recipes there (I like the sound of the recent tomatillo salsa recipe), plus book reviews, tips, and more.

Happy surfing!

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