We’re Remodeling – Come Back for Our Grand Re-Opening and Giveaway on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8!

Birth Mom Donna and Daughter Anne - Reunited for just over 10 years now!

Remember this post? When we attended BlogHer Food 2010, we had some revelations.

Everything that was talked about – relationships with food, emotional connections, and the deep value of cooking itself – affirmed exactly  what has been calling to us. And so we will finally begin to write about our story [as a reunited birth mother and daughter], our connection with and through food, and how it has changed both of us.

We are changing up our focus to devote more time and space here to what matters most to us food-wise: How food binds us together as families; how food is always more than just food – it is a statement of who we are and where we’re going; how food grounds us and family recipes and traditions give a richness to our lives and to those we love. And for us, specifically, how food played a major role in how food brought us together when we reunited.

Food is the story of us, and we plan to devote our space in the world and on this blog to that concept.

For most of the month of April, we’ll be remodeling. There may be an occasional post from time to time, but most of our work will be on a makeover, rename and redirect (don’t worry, you’ll still be able to find us and our Fab Frugal Food archives right here in the same place as the newly rechristened blog). And we’ll certainly still be out and about on Facebook and Twitter.

What can you expect? There will be stories and recipes from the past, from the time Donna and I reunited and started to connect in the kitchen. There will be stories and recipes from our lives as they unfold now. There will also be stories and recipes about the food in our lives before we met – from Donna’s childhood in Tucson, Arizona and then starting her own family in Hood River, Oregon, and from Anne’s youth in Denver, Colorado – things that we want to share with one another for the first time while we share them with you.

And there will still be the occasional stand-alone fabulously frugal recipe! So if you’ve come with us this far and like what you see, come a little further.

Our grand re-opening – with a giveaway, too – will be, of course, on Mother’s Day!

See you then!

— posted by Donna and Anne,
birth mother and daughter, co-bloggers
and dedicated food enthusiasts


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    Just found your site via blogher and your comment regarding gluten free food. I have a 19 month old son with Celiac Disease (he was recently diagnosed) so I am always look for great food options!

    I will be back. :)

    • says

      Welcome Rachel! I promise, it gets easier and easier all the time. It’s all pretty much second nature at this point! There’s so much gluten-free goodness out there – it won’t be long before you don’t even really miss it anymore.

    • says

      Joanne – Thanks so, so much for your support! It means so much coming from a foodie we respect. Thanks for being part of ‘us.’

  2. says

    Wow! it just clicked in, the “I know that smile from another blog” reaction. Now I can hardly wait to dive in and enjoy whatever comes next. Enjoy the journey!

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