WINNER of our Mother’s Day Mixer Madness Contest ~ And, 3 Bonus Prizes!

We’ve really had a great time reading through so many of your comment entries. If only we could give a prize to each and every one of you! But thanks to, we have a fair and impartial way to select our lucky winner. Without further ado,  comment number 58 was selected – and that winner is . . .

Tiffany Hales with her comment about cooking every single night for six kids!

 With six kids I am a mom who cooks EVERY night. I also work full time so I need to have cooking be easy and simple. I have a six week menu rotation. Once a week I sit down and make my grocery list for the next week based upon the menu that up in the rotation. Then each night I know whats for dinner and have all the ingredients. It has also saved me a ton of money. We spend about $150 a week for groceries. Not every kids likes every receipe, but they know if it is something they don’t like, it will be six weeks before they see it again!

Tiffany – email us at ourapronstrings[at]gmail[dot]com with your phone and your snail mail address and we’ll send this ruby red beauty off to you!

Thanks to all who visited, commented and helped spread the word in some way. We love blogging and being connected to so many enthusiastic cooks. If you didn’t win this time, come back and visit often, since we will be doing more giveaways in the future.

We were so touched by so many of the comments we have decided to give away some BONUS prizes: Donna’s book – Quesadillas.

Here are the 3 comments that earned a book:

June 13, houseworm:

Unfortunately, I lost my mom when I didn’t even know how she looked. I was just a 11 month baby then. However, my granny was the person teaching me everything about cooking. During the time living with my big family, I had never been a cook in all meanings. I never thought I could cook even though my granny always believed that I could (simply she was a great cook as well as my dad, so should I). Now I’m with my own smaller family, and just naturally I’m the chef in our own kitchen. All the lessons from granny years ago just bumping up day by day in my kitchen now. She taught me to keep veggies green and fresh in dishes, make great caramel for simmered fish, lessen bitter taste of bitter melon, do fishes from scratch, mix great dipping sauce, and a lot more etc. As much troublesome I felt to be forced to learn cooking before, as much grateful I’m now. I’m always thankful my granny whenever a new dish is made in my kitchen. My mother’s day is specially for my granny. This comment is for my granny too.

June 16, Elizabeth Davila:

I have many great memories with my mom when it comes to cooking! Every single one of them involve laughing until you almost pee your pants and lots of comment on how I wasn’t married and more recently, why I don’t have kids at 28-SO OLD, RIGHT?!?!? I’ll start off by saying that our family recipes involve a lot of flavor and a ton of love. The best advice my mother ever gave me was, well there are a few, 1) never cry when you are cooking or others will cry (yes, we are very superstitious), 3) never chop jalapenos when you are angry or the peppers will be super hot, and 4) always cook with lots of love – that’s the best type of seasoning. Our fav reciepes include empanadas, chiles rellenos (filled poblano peppers), and rice. Our family traditions (every single woman in my family experiences this) include burning the first batch of rice and slighty over crisping the first batch of fresh tortillas!

June 13, Justine:

Sadly, my mom did not think that teaching “domestic skills” was going to be a priority since the goal was to teach me independence and get me educated enough for a “satisfying career” instead. Who would have guessed that I would go on to have 6 children and create a life (as well as a career)for myself that revolves around family, children, babies, and birth. Learning and embracing all things domestic: cooking, sewing, canning, gardening, herbalism) has become a bit of an obsession of mine lately. Luckily, Sir Hubby shares my passion for learning these arts and is our resident chef and baker. Continuing to provide un-gendered examples of how a household functions is a priority for us, and our son takes as much pleasure in cooking and sewing as our daughters do in mower repair and foraging for food in the woods. 

So, Elizabeth, houseworm and Justine – email us with your mailing address and we’ll get a book off to you asap!

Cyber Hugs and Kisses to all!

— Donna and Anne


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    wow, big congratulations to Tiffany Hales, you must be thrilled now! I love your comment and for sure I’m going to learn from it too. It’s such a nice trick!

    Thank you very much for the BONUS prize, Donna! It means as much as the mixer to me. I’m still a fan of your blog!

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